Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Random Writing

Got this from Charity, who got it from the Random Paragraph Generator. And they say writing is tough -- it's just about stringing words together. Right?

Beneath writing lurks the worrying force. The jerk chops a librarian. Under Marianne purges writing. Writing travels the passport without the graduated acorn. Past the army farms the originator.

See, I have been wondering about my writing, and now I find out that beneath it lurks the worrying force. I wonder if it can be surgically removed?

A warning to all jerks, though. No one chops a librarian around me and gets away with it.

When I'm done purging the writing, I'll try to translate the rest.

Hmm... what else?

The devoid worry accents writing. The incomplete occurrence objects past writing. Writing deals the drip against the repaired market. A gutter attends the taste.

I wond if the worrying force is devoid?

The incomplete occurance is probably the fact that I can't seem to finish editing in order to send my stuff out.

The market has been repaired? Thank heavens... Lately, it seems any market I submit to goes out of business.

... wondering about gutters and taste... and before breakfast. Ugh.

Okay, one last time:

Marianne tries without writing. Writing explodes outside Marianne. The belt receives Marianne. Why does writing suspect this crack?

This is quiet true. When Marianne tries without writing, it does tend to explode. Or I do. Something like that. Trying without writing is not a good idea.

Aha! And I have a clue to add to my mystery: Why does writing suspect this crack? That's enough to keep you awake at night, isn't it? I have, indeed, been wondering about that crack...and to end this on a cliffhanger is just perfect.

One should always end ones chapter with a good hook.


Ceri said...

The scary thing is that makes so much sense.

hhnwlkls-helpless hawks nod with lightning kicks like seals

why are these things so long???

Stacy Dawn said...

LOL that is wild.