Monday, June 12, 2006

Getting A Clue

"Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment." - Baltasar Gracian

Still working on brainstorming my latest WIP and one of the ladies I'm working with asked me about the clues in my story.


You mean I need clues??

I have a motive. I have a murder. I have a sleuth. I have a love interest. Now I need clues?

Uh oh.

I know, I know, I'm at the very beginning here. The story is just beginning to get fleshed out a tiny bit. I have about ten scene cards, and some of them are just labeled with things that I need to have happen but still don't know how they will happen (i.e. the sleuth finding the second body - don't know where the body is going to be or how the sleuth finds it, but find it she must).

So, the clues will come.


In other news....

Wish me luck. Today I'm going to wrangle a porcupine. Maybe.

My BIL decided that he would trap the porcupine that's eating his lake camp. But he doesn't have time to go back up there in a reasonable amount of time ("I can leave it up there for a week, it'll be fine"). Uh, no. It won't be fine, you jerk.

So, without telling him (because he would object... and that's just too bad), I'm driving up there this morning to pick up whatever he may have caught (maybe a porky, maybe a squirrel or other critter), drive it away many miles and let it go (his plan was to, ahem, "take care of it").

I've never used a live trap before. Hope I can figure it out. Maybe I'll take pictures!

Have a good day! It's SUNNY here again. Woo Hoo! Two days in a row!!


Ceri said...

Good luck with your prickly prisoner, or whatever else you may catch. I've never tried it (my husband would take your b-i-l's route too).

I would love to write a mystery (amongst a dozen other types of stories), but I don't know if I could do one justice. I think it would be extremely hard to do one without plotting. Good luck to you on it.

And I'll be concentrating on my new story.

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(that was a long one)

Judy said...

Good luck, M. I'm with you... I vote for taking the critter out and letting him go someplace. I tend to do that with field mice that get in the house, as well. :-) DH just rolls his eyes and reminds me they will PROBABLY find their way back in, but... oh, well!!!

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Kelley said...

Good luck with the trap!
I'm not sure if I'm ready to try writing mysterys yet. I'm sticking to my plain old contemps for now. Good luck with yours. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Tori Lennox said...

Weaving clues in (not to mention those pesky red herrings) is a major pain.

"Porcupine wrangler"

Now there's a job title you don't seen on a person's resume every day. *g*