Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Let The Games Begin!

"The first thing you have to consider when writing a novel is your story, and then your story—and then your story!" - Ford Madox Ford

Time to start getting it down on paper. I've been plotting and planning my Secret Baby Cowboy Mystery (henceforth referred to at "SBCM") for some time, and I feel ready to start.

My knowledge of police procedure is limited to CSI, NCIS and (my new favorite show) The Closer, so I'm certain that there will be times I'll need to stop and (gasp) research it a bit.

Still, though a murder has certainly occured in this story, the STORY is really about the characters. It is, first and foremost, a romance. And that I can handle.

I did take the time to do a photo collage of the story, and I'll post it here to get you acquainted with Stiller Creek.

In other news, I received a request for my full ms from the short story publisher. We'll see if they like it. Yup, I'm nauseous again... :-)


Charity said...

All right! You got the background thingy to work. I really like the collage. And good luck with your subs. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Ceri said...

Oh, I'm still here! Work has been mega busy and the kids are keeping me on my toes (why can't school go year round?).

I love your collage! Hot cowboys! Who is he/they? And Kate Hudson is adorable! Good choices. I love picking out my character models, but heck if I know how to make a collage out of them. I'm not that skilled.

I've got some research to do on my wip, but I'm liking it. I'd like to think I could make something out of it. Are you going to post any of your wip for all to see?

ukrocg-unusual kids run over creepy graves.

MaryF said...

Good luck with that request, Marianne!