Friday, June 02, 2006

Thunder and Lightning

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. ~Roger Miller

We had some big time thunder-boomers yesterday afternoon and again last night -- right about the time I started dozing off, of course. It was hot, muggy and loud. Not optimal for snoozing, though my dog and my daughter didn't seem to have any trouble.

No so me.

So this blog entry will be brief and late.

Thunder is amazing. I know, I know, "Thunder's just a noise, it's lightning that does the work" (that's from a Chad Brock song). Still, it's thunder that amazes me. I've been knocked off my feet by lightning that struck so close it fried everything electrical in my house. But it's thunder that really commands our attention.

Thunder is what scares the dogs and my daughter. It's the warning of the storm before it arrives. It's the sound we count to after the flash and it's the last part of the storm that leaves.

I want my writing to command attention like that. I don't need it to knock you off your feet or make the hair on your arms stand at attention (though I don't suppose I'd be disappointed with that result). I want you to pay attention, for it to be the first and last thing you think of. For you to remember the characters, to have them linger long after the book is done.

And if that's a lame metaphor, blame it on the lack of sleep. From the thunder.

BTW, anyone else watch the spelling bee last night? My daughter was enthralled. I TiVo'd it so she can finish watching it today. It's nice that there are still some kids that don't spell in text message slang.


Ceri said...

I absolutely love thunderstorms. The most amazing ones I saw were in South Dakota where you could see them coming miles and miles away. I tried to capture them in Sweet Forever (coming soon from Samhain hehehe).

I can't wait to read your stories! I'm impressed by your blog entries :)

tjynn-I can't think of anything. I'm just too tired and my neck is killing me.

Kelley said...

This is my first time visiting your blog! I really enjoyed it. I too am an aspiring romance writer. Loved the quote on the top of your last blog and loved what you said with your writing and wanting it to be like thunder. What an amazing comparison. Like Ceri said, I too am impressed by your blog, I cant wait to read something you wrote. Isnt it an amazing feeling to give life to new characters. To watch them evolve, screw up, and fall in love! Romances are the best!