Saturday, July 01, 2006


And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. ~ Confucius

Got this from Charity who got it from Mary who got it from Tracy who got it from Entertainment Weekly (there... I think I gave everyone credit who needed it!):

1. My American Idol audition song would be: Leave me Alone by Helen Reddy (or by anyone else who sang a song called that -- it's my mantra -- I vant to be alone.)

2. If my life were a drinking game, everyone would do a shot when ... either my dog or my daughter followed me around.

3. The Rat Packer I most identify with is: a) Frank Sinatra b) Sammy Davis Jr. c) Dean Martin d) Peter Lawford

None… I'm swiping Charity's idea on this one:

The Brat Packer I most identify with is: a) Emilio Estevez b) Anthony Michael Hall c) Rob Lowe d) Andrew McCarthy e) Demi Moore f) Judd Nelson g) Molly Ringwald h) Ally Sheedy.

I loved Ally Sheedy, especially in The Breakfast Club, so it would have to be her.

Question: Why did everyone think Molly Ringwald was so hot? Seriously… I mean, she was okay, but there were about a hundred thousand chicks who were WAY hotter. I still don't get it.

4. The first famous person I befriended:

Befriended? No one. Met? Tim Matheson and Meg Tilly. They were filming a movie in my hometown (Sacramento, CA) and my drama teacher had a tiny part in it, and asked them to come visit our drama III class. They did. Pretty cool.

5a. Choose one: A) Demi Moore in Ghost B) Demi Moore in Striptease

Ugh… I hate Demi Moore -- I remember her as one of the Laura's on General Hospital a million years ago, and I hated her then. Do I have to choose? *sigh* Ghost, I guess, cuz then I'd get to smooch with Swayze… oh, but UGH, I'd have to slow dance with Whoopi. Those two things might cancel each other out.

5b) Choose one: A) Transformers B) G.I. Joe

I'd have to go with G.I. Joe -- I fell for him when my mom got him instead of Ken to hang out with my Barbie -- and how cool was it that his back pack talked? Plus, I've always been a sucker for a guy in uniform.

6) What was your first concert?

Rick Springfield. Yes, it's true.

7) Pick a Jessica: A) Alba B) Simpson C) Biel D) Tandy

Okay, I don't even know who Jessica Alba is (I am SO far off the pop culture track), I hate, Hate, HATE Jessica Simpson. Jessica Biel sounds vaguely familiar… still, I guess I have to go with Jessica Tandy. Gosh I loved her.

8) If I had to gain 30 pounds for a role, I would eat:

Anything I wanted for a change … Okay: pizza and chocolate moose tracks ice cream

9) The first R-rated movie I saw: I don't remember! Ack… what "R" rated movies came out in the late 80's? I think the first PG-13 movie I saw was Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom (wasn't it the first PG-13 movie ever?). Guess the "R" didn't make that much of an impression on me.

10) You're stranded with your four favorite authors and you've run out of food. Who do you eat first?

Nora Roberts? -- Nope, she's one of the few authors who make it to my "keeper" shelf with her new stuff. I don't love her older backlist, so reading that just wouldn't work for me.

Jenny Crusie? -- Never, I couldn't survive without my Crusie fix.

Iris Johansen? - I really got into her -again - with her latest book, but she's a maybe.

Kay Hooper? - I am so loving her Bishop: Special Crimes Unit series and can't wait for the next one.

Looks like it's Iris. And besides, flowers are edible, right?

11) My porn name (childhood pet name + street you grew up on) is: Misty Leola

Tag, you're it. Whoever you are.


MaryF said...

I LOVED Molly Ringwald! Hot, I don't know, but I could relate to her.


Ceri said...

Okay, must comment...

Demi, while on GH, was not a Laura.. she played the sister of Laura's "twin" or lookalike. I think she got involved with Robert Scorpio, who I thought was one of the most droolable guys on tv (must've been the accent).

I liked Ally Sheedy much better too, especially in St. Elmos Fire. And Andrew McCarthy too. My daughter and I were watching Pretty in Pink last night. Molly is okay.

my name would be Sassy Washburn.

miphs-money is pretty hard sometimes

Ceri said...

I have a befriended kind of story.. not about me, but my husband...

When Jumanji was being filmed in Keene he worked the front desk at the Days Inn in town where lots of the cast stayed. One evening a woman was wandering around the lobby. She told him she was waiting for her chinese food to be delivered. When it got there there was a ton of it for one person (had to order 20.00 worth to have it delivered) and she asked my husband if he wanted to come back to her room and share it. He said nooo (probably against company policy anyway though I'm sure the invitation was perfectly innocent). He found out later that it was Bonnie Hunt who had wanted to share her food.

He said that Kristin Dunst and her family are very nice.

Tori Lennox said...

And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. ~ Confucius

I thought Buckaroo Banzai said this! I didn't know he'd stolen it from Confucius. *g*

Oh, now I have something for tomorrow's post. Cool!

Ceri - Robert Scorpio is still pretty drool-worthy. His being back on GH is the main reason I'm watching again. :)

Marianne Arkins said...

Okay... sorry about the Demi Moore "Laura" thing... guess I wasn't as big a fan as I thought. But then, I only had eyes for Noah Drake (I tried to start watching again in Feb when he returned, but I"ve apparently lost all tolerance for utter stupidity).

My fave accented soap guy was Shane Donovan on Days of our Lives. MMMMMM....

And, because it's been bugging me, I looked it up and discovered that RED DAWN was the first ever PG-13 movie (and I saw that in the theater, too) NOT Indiana and the TOD. Apparently, the PG-13 rating was put into place following that Indy movie and Gremlins after much parental outcry over how vivid some of the stuff in those movies was.

Clearly, I should have done my research.

It still bugs me that I can't remember my first R rated movie... isn't tha a rite of passage?


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