Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ten Things

Because I'm still brain dead and have a horrific day looming ahead of me, I'm borrowing this *sort of* meme from Word Nerd (this was HARD… mostly because I think I've entered a time warp and have no idea how long things have been around):


1. My daughter.

2. TiVo (I never understood the attraction until I actually got one. Now I don't think I could live without it.)

3. Online billpay.

4. eBay (they haven't been around for ten years have they?)

5. My last two novels (though I'm not loving either one that much right now… editing… grrr…)

6. My online writing friends, especially - Charity, Darcy, Judy and Pam -- without whom Camilla and Tish wouldn't be the ladies they are.

7. American Idol (yes, I went out and bought Taylor's cd single today… what about you? My daughter was boogie - ing [how the heck would you really spell that?] to "Takin' it to the Streets" in a huge way)

8. Tons of meat alternatives - God bless Boca Burger and Veggie Slices.

9. A chest freezer.

10. Lots and Lots of computer games that distract me from writing.

How about you? Consider yourself tagged (and let me know if you've opted to try this).


Judy said...

I'm game! Here I go (and blame yourself if I don't do more GS today ;-))

Ceri said...

Okay, ten things...
1-two of my 3 kids
2-tivo (I'm with you on that. can't live without it)
3-fully functioning computer (I had an old one that I hadn't a clue how to use.
5-100 or so pounds (which I'd gladly get rid of)
6-laptop. I love mine soooo much.
7-two manuscripts that are on their way to be published next
8-Lost, Deadwood, American Idol, Ghost Hunters (my must see TV)
9-my internet writers support group, without which #7 would never have happened.
10-A daughter who is about to be a high schooler. I think thats what makes me feel the oldest LOL

fkdcevqu-falling kites dive crazily even violins quit using.

oh, come on... give me something I can work with!!! LOL

Tori Lennox said...

Great list!

Some of the things on my list were probably around 10 years ago, but if I didn't actually have them myself, I figured they counted. :)

anno said...

Great list! And what a great idea... Thanks! I'm trying this one out today.