Friday, April 14, 2006


I'm so tired and brain dead. Don't look for anything profound in this post -- and nothing about writing. Just a little whining...

Stayed up late (for me) on Tuesday to watch American Idol with my niece (I usually TiVo it and watch the next day because I watch NCIS on Tuesdays but it was repeat last week... and have I mentioned that I tend to babble when I'm tired?) and then stayed up late on Weds to watch the results show -- PLUS hubby had a friend over who just bought a new car and had my DH looking it over (which is a little like shutting the barn door after the horse is out isn't it? Shouldn't you have a mechanic check out a car BEFORE you buy it? Maybe that's just me...) and the air compressor was going, and metal was hitting metal and -- did I mention that my bedroom is pretty much over the garage?

Last night I was determined to go to sleep early. I crawled under the covers at 8:30 and started to doze off a few minutes later. Then my niece came home, and the storm door SLAMMED shut. Then her boyfriend walked out a few minutes later and BAM! Again. Then my daughters bedroom door started going "ka-thunk, ka-thunk" because I left her window open a crack and it was breezy out. So I got up and stuffed a washcloth in the door. And for good measure, I closed the window in my niece's room so it wouldn't do the same later on. Then, thinking I had all bases covered, I crawled back into bed. By now, it's about 9:15 p.m.

It is at this time that the cat decides a bath is in order. I disabused her of this notion.

Downstairs, DH and the niece are watching a hockey game -- it's a big one, very important, can mean the difference between our team getting into the playoffs. At about 9:45 I hear "Ahhh!", jolting me out of my sleep yet again. Something apparently happened in the game. I don't know if was good or bad, but it was loud. Heart pounding, eyes burning from fatigue, I try to get back to sleep.

Niece went to bed about half an hour later... thump, thump up the stairs, close bathroom door by pushing it instead of turning the knob so it clicks loudly, brush teeth with battery-operated toothbrush.

DH came up about 45 minutes after that. Ugh.

I woke up at 4 a.m. when the cat jumped off the bed.

Tired. Brain dead. Zzzzz.....

I want my own hotel room, far, far away for Mothers Day. All. Alone.


Ceri said...

I've been having a heck of a time getting in bed before 11pm this week, and then I get up at 5am. Sometimes when my DH comes to bed (he works til 2:30am and usually finally comes to bed about 4am) he is chatty and wakes me up-after all we hardly see each other at all during the week.

So I'm brain dead too. Hard to write when my eyes are so blurry. Thank goodness I can stay home today.

MaryF said...


You deserve that hotel room!!!