Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mmmm.... Mmmmm.... Don't Look Down...

I finished "Don't Look Down" yesterday -- swallowed the book in one big gulp. I am a fast reader. Always have been. This is both good and bad. I was thrilled to read the book from cover to cover -- but now, it's over.

This was a great read, but a totally different book than I've ever read. I think Jenny and Bob are right in saying that they've created a new genre: romantic adventure.

"Don't Look Down" had Jenny's trademark humor, but this was NOT a romance. Exactly. Things happen in this book that wouldn't happen in your usual romance -- like the H/H hopping into bed with someone other than each other.

The man's POV was actually written by a man, so was quite unique in its flavor. I loved it.

The characters reflected typical Jenny, with funky quirks and interesting habits. They are all so utterly unique that it makes me unbelievably jealous -- how does she do that?

Fast paced plot, quirky characters, real romance... it doesn't get much better than that. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loaned it to my mom to read, but may re-read it as a writer instead of as a reader when I get it back.

The true test of a good book? If I forget to "nit" the writing... if it can suck me in to the point where I don't say "ah... passive voice" or whatever. This book made me forget I was a writer.

Two thumbs up -- and I wish I had more thumbs (even if it would make me look a little odd).

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