Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ten Things

Borrowing from Mary's post yesterday, but whittling it down a little, here are Ten Things I Know About My Writing:

1. I know I'll never run out of ideas - because I always have a new one before I'm done working on the old one.

2. I know that writing the first draft is fun, editing the first draft is hell.

3. I know I'll have to break down and write a real synopsis someday - just not today.

4. I know I wouldn't be as happy writing if I didn't have my writing friends to share it with (*waves*).

5. I know my love of writing stems from my passion of reading.

6. I know that I never get rid of anything I write (not even stuff I edit out - it's just in a different file).

7. I know that most of my novel ideas start with a writing prompt.

8. I know that I am sometimes swayed too much by other peoples opinions.

9. I know I want to hold out for the brass ring and not compromise when I do get published. I want it all, and I want it with a well known print publisher.

10. I know that I've been writing since I could write, and will write until I die.

Anyone else want to share?


Ceri said...

Wow! I could've written that list! But I bet it rings true for most writers.

Edits are bad, synopsis's (synopsii?) are worse.

rgvmpjg-well, thats a toughie.

MaryF said...

I love this list! Heck, I can add a couple to mine - the not compromising and the writing friends!