Saturday, April 29, 2006

Reading and Writing

I have a writing friend with a great hook idea for a series of books (not saying what... you'll have to wait until they're published) but recently, I came across a newly pubbed book with the same idea.

First off, does anyone else find that a little "woo woo"?

Secondly, the first thing I did was go grab a copy and read it. Unlike hers, it falls within the action/adventure/romance area, so I was excited because that's one of my favorite things to read.

I cracked it open and started reading with great anticipation.

After three chapters, I wondered how on earth this book had been published (and I was filled with great relief, as well, because my friend's books is so much better).

Keeping in mind that this is suppposed to be an action packed romance (and promises me this by both the cover picture and the blurb) -- the first three chapters are full of angst and not much else.

The hero wants to get married and the heroine doesn't because she can't deal with his occupation. So she breaks up and he pursues her. And she says "no, I can't" and he says "please, oh love of my life, give me another chance, I l-o-o-o-v-v-v-e you" (which brings in mind that scene from "Singing in the Rain" -- you know: "yes, yes, yes" "no, no, no" "yes, yes, yes"...).

This goes on in one form or another for fifty pages (which are also full of backstory to explain her position).


Where's my action?

Where's my adventure?

Where's my hero?

Even when the "exciting" stuff starts, it's not all that exciting. I finally stopped reading at about chapter five.

In any case, I'm sick and tired of folks who say you must (insert writing rule here) to get published because I find books (newly pubbed and older) that break every friggin' rule. And no, these aren't established writers. The book I talked about, above, is a first novel (and if she doesn't get any better, it should be a last -- sorry, but tact is NOT my middle name).

So you know what? I've made a decision.

The rat stays. (May-nard! May-nard! May-Nard! Ya-a-a-a-a-a-a-y!)


Tori Lennox said...

I have often wondered how some books make into print. It's very annoying.

Ceri said...

Ditto. I've read some horrid ones. It makes me so frustrated. I may not write masterpieces, but I write a lot better than some of the stuff that makes it to print.

gfjwnp-I think thats a town in Wales