Friday, April 07, 2006

Made My Day

After traveling to three different stores, I finally ended up at Barnes and Noble (I know, I should have started there... and even they didn't have to book out anywhere that I could find the blasted thing... they should be shot) and found a book I've been waiting forever to get:

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Because I didn't have enough to distract me from my writing.

This book is really quite fresh (so far... I'm only about six chapters in) -- funny (how could it be otherwise? I mean, it is Jenny Crusie), interesting, well-written. Bob Mayer is such a man... and it's refreshing to see an actual man's POV in this book because, no matter what, women authors are still women. Most men's books don't include such a strong look inside a guys head. I'm getting a kick out of the whole thing.

And, hey, if she can have a one-eyed alligator as the star... I should be able to have a rat.

Gotta go read some more.


Ceri said...

I have to stay away from bookstores. I could spend a fortune on books. BUT I was talking to a friend, who's contracted to write 3 books for Kensington, and she said any book you buy that is for research, and apparently some of the romances you buy are considered research, can be written off as a business expense *rubbing hands together and laughing diabolically* So save those receipts!!

Charity said...

I'm trying to be good about the book budget and put this one on reserve at the library. I think I'm 353 of 355 so far.

Uh, I'll be waiting for a bit, even with 93 copies ordered.