Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Follow the Bouncing Ball

I'm trying to stay focused on my story about Camilla, but it's hard when I've got other stories tugging on your leg, sleeve or any other part they can reach. It must be a little like how a mother of quintuplets feels.

I also have this little thing called Spring Fever affecting my ability to write. My office is in the mushroom patch...er... basement, and to sit down here when it's beautiful outside is absolute torture.

Additionally, since I'm editing Camilla it's not fun. Writing = fun. Editing = no fun. Why would anyone want to be an editor as a career? Ugh.

Then I got to thinking about the contest I entered Camilla in. I alternately go between, "It'll never final, so who cares about the massive changes I have in mind?" and "What if it not only finals, but WINS and I get a request and I've made all these huge changes to the manuscript and it's nothing like what they originally read and...."

A DEEP BREATH is in order.

I also promised D that I get her the completed, edited, polished first part of Camilla by the end of this month. That's not going to happen. Of course, her computer crashed, and I have no idea if it's back up again, so that may be a moot point.

Speaking of Moot... anyone else read "Don't Look Down" yet? I'm still sad I couldn't make it to the New England RWA conference last weekend where the Bob and Jenny show was on stage. *sniff*

So are the days of our lives....and the inside of my brain. Bouncing around with no particular destination in mind.

Boing, boing, boing....

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Ceri said...

I think it's worse to be stuck at work on such a gorgeous day, doing data entry and not even being able to do any sort of writing.

And you're right, writing new stuff is much more enjoyable than editing. But I guess if we want to be published we must edit.