Monday, August 01, 2005

Man's Best Friend...

I'm an animal lover... I love them all. My daughter is only six years old, and has already gotten two snake bites from trying to catch the garter snakes in our gardens (where's Croc Hunter when I need him?).

I'm struggling with an attempt to save a woodchuck right now. He is raiding my sister-in-laws garden, has decimated her broccoli crop and is certain to move on to his next favorite food. In the past she, and all her family (this is my husband's family) have just killed any pests. I've finally convinced her to at least try a live trap and move him somewhere else. I hope he falls for the bait - broccoli - because she's only giving it a couple of days before the rifle appears.

I had chipmunk problems last year - they destroyed everything I planted: dug up all seeds - squash, peas, beans. Killed all plants - cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. I tried chicken wire around pots instead of planting in the ground and would look out to see the little rats clinging to the wire, trying to get through. My husband offered to "off" them, my father-in-law told me about how to poison them... I declined. After all, I can go to the grocery store if I have to - this isn't the 1700's and my survival doesn't rely on my crops.

My in-laws think I'm a little loopy. They especially don't understand why I don't hate snakes. Don't get me wrong, I don't love them... but I'm not afraid of them, and figure they have a place in the ecosystem. So I relocate them as much as I can - no snakebites for me yet, but DD hasn't learned not to grab the suckers by the tail. I'm just glad we're not out west - I can only imagine her grabbing a rattler!

The character in my WIP works at an animal shelter. She's seen and will see horrible instances of neglect and abuse. It's terribly sad what people do to their pets. But it's good to know there are people out there to protect them (have I mentioned that I LOVE "Animal Heroes" - formerly Animal Cops or Animal Precinct - on Animal Planet?).

All this babbling has a point - you can help feed animals at the shelter with a click of your mouse. It doesn't cost you anything but a few seconds of your time. I do it every day and encourage you to do the same.

Here's the link: The Animal Rescue Site.

If animals aren't your thing, there are also links to click for free mammograms, feeding hungry children and keeping them healthy, literacy and saving the rain forests.

All with a click. Would it hurt?

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