Tuesday, August 09, 2005

May I Borrow your Restroom?

Why is it that whenever we can't have something, we crave it? Or when something is terrifically inconvenient, it's more necessary than ever?

My house has a well for water. Most of the time this is fantastic. The water is yummy and unfortified with the stuff that the polititians think we must have, untreated by chemicals and unregulated - so that I can water my lawn whenever I feel like it, thank you very much.

Last night, though, something mysterious happened. We have MUD. The water is terrifically cloudy and is clogging our sediment filter in about 2 minutes flat. Husband discovered that this morning when the water pressure in his shower dwindled to nothing in no time at all. He swapped out the filter and ran out the door, tossing a "conserve indoor use of water today" over his shoulder as he headed out.

Conserve it? How?


Can't flush the potty - so of course I have to pee constantly.

Can't drink the water - so I'm naturally parched.

Can't shower - so nix the plans for working outside in the 90 degree humidity that the weeds love so well.


The worst thing is that we have no clue why it's cloudy. Did someone drill a new well and hit our aquifer? Were they blasting nearby (a necessity here in "The Granite State" for any kind of construction)? Is our well out of water (this is improbable as we have the highest producing well in our neighborhood, and no one else is having trouble)?

In the meantime, I'm dying of thirst and crossing my stinky, sweaty legs and wondering how I can fit this into my book somewhere.

Okay, enough babbling. Time to write (I only need to write 3700 words a day to meet my deadline ... childs play, right?).

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