Saturday, August 13, 2005

Now I've Sung My A-B-C's

I'll tell you a secret. When I can't sleep at night, I don't count sheep.

I name them.

I start with "A" and do a male and female name: Alfred, Albina; then "B": Barney, Bonnie and so on... Good practice for thinking up unusual names for my characters.

Last night, at about 2 a.m. I decided I'd had enough of naming sheep - I'm beginning to run out of names, and I don't like to repeat. So I imagined a new game - naming musical acts. What makes this a challenge? They can only be one word (excepting "The" and "A"). Still, I got stuck on some letters. Anyone want to help (I will add any contributions into the blog in red)?

Please note that I started off with a bang, and then began to fizzle... could be that I finally started getting drowsy.

A - ABBA, Aerosmith, ABC, Asia, Alabama
B - Beatles, Boston, Blondie, Berlin
C - Carpenters, Chordettes
D - Devo (I wondered about Duran Duran - since it's the same word, would it count?)
E - Eagles, Erasure
F - Foghat, Foreigner
G - Go-Go's
H - Heart
J - Journey, Jacksons
K - Kansas
L - Loverboy, Lonestar
M - Madonna, Monkees
N - Nirvana
O - Oasis - contributed by Charity...thanks!!
P - Prince
Q - Queen, Quarterflash
R - Rush
S - Survivor, Starship, Sugarland
T - Toto, T'Pau (would you believe I have this LP?)
U - U2
V -
W - Wham!
X -
Y - Yes
Z -


Charity said...

How about:

O - Oasis
V - Violent Femmes

Marianne Arkins said...

Sorry, Charity -- Violent Femmes doesn't work. It's two words.... I've never heard of Oasis, but I'll add it on in there.

Somewhere there must be a group named Xavier or Xanadu or something, right?

Thanks for playing!