Saturday, July 30, 2005

ISO a Non-Life Threatening Injury

I've actually been writing today! I've managed almost 1,000 words so far - and considering I did less than twice that in the whole past week, I'm feeling pretty good.

My sister-in-law kidnapped my daughter for the day, my husband took off for the lake ... and I've felt inspired to do something. BUT... I have a small plot problem that I thought I'd throw out and see if any of you have ideas.

In Camilla, I need to have my hero injured and bedridden for a few weeks. Originally, I have him falling off the barn roof and breaking a leg and a hip -- effectively putting him in a spica cast for at least six weeks.

That's just too long. I need something that will keep him essentially bedridden for more like 2 - 3 weeks instead (though at some point he can use a wheelchair to get around if necessary). Any ideas? I would kind of like him to still fall off of the roof, though, if possible. Or something else that would make my heroine feel like it was her fault he was hurt.



Charity said...

What about a concussion and maybe some bruised or cracked ribs? Would that work?

darcy said...

Hey Girl!

Did you figure this out yet? I seem to remember talking to you about the vertigo I had earlier this year -- didn't you have it once too? Though it's usually caused by an infection - it can happen as the result of a head injury too. So, what if he falls off Camilla's roof, bonks his head, gets some other minor injury that would make walking a little difficult and gets vertigo too. THAT should keep him in bed for as long as your want.

Causing mayhem for characters is the FUN part of writing ;^)


Marianne Arkins said...


I found an out of print book at the library called "Body Trauma: A Writers Guide to Injury and Illness". Woo Hoo!!

Now I've found dozens of ways to maim and injure poor Jed. The problem will be -- how to choose just one?

Thanks for peeking in.