Friday, August 26, 2005

The 4400

4400 words, that is. Not that I don't enjoy the show.

It's just that I'm ebullient about the fact that I think I've finally figured out a legitimate way to get my hero moved into my heroine's home. Good thing, really, since this happens in the first two chapters. And I've written 41,000+ words with a poor original premise.

The best thing? It works in nicely with most of my existing words, so I'm not going to have to toss all 41,000 words down the garbage disposal! Yay!

So, I ran my word counter today after writing like a maniac yesterday and this morning and I've just exceeded 4400 words -- the first new words that I've written in a couple of weeks. Yay again!

Now I'm getting ready to post it for my critique partners... that's the scary part. Will it fly? Did I finally get it right? *gulp*

In other news, my daughter did some story brainstorming with me this morning and decided that the old mother in her story is really a wicked witch who puts a spell on Kay.

Now I'm really wondering if I should be offended. Could this have something to do with the fact that she now has a chores list to be completed each day?

Sheesh, have her dry a few dishes and I'm the evil stepmother. Just wait until I make her clean the fireplace wearing the latest in "rag chic"...

OOOH... and speaking of rags, here's my latest guilty pleasure: Go Fug Yourself. I pay it a visit every day.

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