Thursday, August 25, 2005

It Runs in the Family

My six-year-old daughter came downstairs this morning and proudly exclaimed, "I'm done with my old story, mom, I've started a new one!" and plopped down both the old story (which is now archived with some of her best drawings from the past year) and the new one. It's got a great storyline, so I thought I'd share (I'm typing exactly what she wrote... and she writes long hand, so there's no spell check!):

Part One

As Kay weeded her garden she saw her roses blooming. She was so happy that she told her mom who was now very old. Mrs. Hush stopped by. She loved Kay like she was her dater. One of Kay's frends also stopped by. Kay was relly happy. They talked and played by the pond. They too wint to the oshen. They also saw sharks.

Hey... what about that hook? What about those sharks? Were the kids scared? What's going to happen to Kay and her friend?

When Part Two is written, I'll be sure to share.

I'm not too sure I like that part about the mom being quite old... am wondering if I should take it personally.

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