Friday, August 19, 2005

Of Plots and Pets

I've decided that, with all my problems with plot lately, I'll start listening to my six-year-old daughter and her plot ideas. She's full of them lately, "Mommy you should write a book about....", and I tell her she should write me the stories. She just rolls her eyes and says "I'm already busy with my other book."

Oh yeah.

Her current book is about seven pages long so far. It's about a little girl who has all of her friends over for a party and then the cat (our big bubba cat, Breeann, in her first starring role) knocks over a can of paint. When the little girl helps clean it up, her mother is so proud that she gets the little girl a puppy of her very own.

Even her books have more conflict than mine.

Of course, it's also a literary novel of sorts, with its links to real life. My DD desperately wants a pet of her own. She's even willing to settle for fish (she plans on naming them Heidi and Jack). My husband hates cats (he married into our current one), doesn't want more than one dog, and firmly believes that rodents should never, ever live in ones house. Don't even think about a reptile.

So, fish it is. I think I'll buy the tank and she can earn the money for the fish and food. It's never too early to learn fiscal responsiblity, right?

And... what does this have to with plotting books anyway? Sheesh... it seems I can't write anything that makes sense lately.

Only one thing to do: Spider Solitaire.

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Charity said...

Uh, I owe you $25.00. I think you know why (think synopsis class). Can I send you an Amazon gift certificate? I'm serious.