Saturday, August 13, 2005

My GB Results

All day, I can't think for waiting on results from the Great Beginnings contest. I check and recheck email ... and then, oddly, when it did come it I almost missed it! The subject line read "Congrats". What does that mean? I can't open it. If I don't open it I can continue thinking that I WON.

I opened it.

I didn't win.

Out of five finalists, I came in fourth. That burst my bubble, let me tell you.

Now, if they'd'a said, "Out of seventy-five entries, you came in fourth" I would have been mighty proud. And that might be the case, cuz I don't know how many people entered.

But still, fourth is better than fifth. With an artists temperment, I may have shredded Camilla if I'd have come in fifth.

Still, not bad for my first contest. I can't wait to see my score sheets.

Onward and upward, but until then my Light and Creamy Friendly's Forbidden Chocolate ice cream is calling my name, and I feel obliged to answer.


Charity said...

Are you kidding? You did great and don’t you dare shred your story. Remember, there’s more than one editor at any publishing house. Should I tell you of my first contest experience, where one of the first round judges called my hero, my story, and *me* immoral because I dared to have a thief as a hero? I think that may be my all time low score (a 68 out of 150--I suck! LOL).

A friend of mine has a saying: the right story, on the right desk, at the right time. You’ll find that combination. I know it.

MaryF said...

Your FIRST contest and you came in FOURTH!!! That is really really great! My first contest I came in fourth - from the bottom. Be proud!

Marianne Arkins said...

Charity and Mary,

Thanks for the pep-talk! I'm still ready to shred Camilla, but I'm holding off so far.

But, to add insult to injury, the person who one my category got an editor request.


Of course, had it been me, I would have be a wreck because Camilla isn't anywhere finished!

Charity - I had to snicker a bit about the person who had a problem with a thief as hero. Nora Roberts did it in one of her books.

And, Mary, thanks for the laugh! I needed it!