Monday, April 18, 2011

The Weekend in Reviews (and Pictures)

The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend. ~Chuck Palahniuk

We had a really gorgeous weekend (well... it rained Saturday evening into Sunday morning, but we needed it). I didn't do a lot of gardening, but I did do a lot of walking. Thought I might have overdone it yesterday (had some knee pain) but as soon as I stopped and sat, it went away and it feels fine this morning. YAY.

Lots of bulbs are blooming here -- wish they were thicker, but we're still recovering from the Cunning Voles of Doom from a couple years ago.

We have grape hyacinths

My photo:

DD's artsy-fartsy photo:


My photo:

DD's artsy-fartsy photo:

And these purply-blue things that I don't know what they are

My photo:

DD's artsy-fartsy photo:

I also found the way to alleviate her pack-ratish tendencies: pay her to discard. Yep! I paid her $1 / bag -- to give away or throw away. Also, for books she no longer wants, the donated ones she earns $$, the good ones that go to the UBS I buy her credit, and then her reading books from her homeschool curriculum will go online at eBay and we split the profit (I get some for my time ... I hate listing on eBay).

She wants to start collecting Breyer Traditional sized model horses (she's been doing the Classic size), but they're significantly more expensive, so she's trying to earn money wherever she can.

And her room is getting cleaner by the hour. :-D

How was your weekend?


You Are a Black Leather Jacket

You are a simply happy person. You feel fortunate to have so much light and laughter in your life.

You are sometimes unprepared, and you're fine with that. You prefer to remain open and flexible.

You know how to have a good time. You have something to smile about every day.

You are good at getting people to let loose. You are the fun one in your group.

This is so far from correct it's amazing ...



Sarita said...

DD has a great eye! Love the photos.

This evening we're supposed to have some sn--, you know what, I just can't "say" it. We've got crocuses in the beds but no daffs yet. A good thing, I think, given the weather report.

Glad your weekend was a good one!

Melissa McClone said...

Lots of cleaning here. Not by me, I was writing, but the family! I can't believe how big the house looks with all that stuff gone! Makes me very happy :)

Angelina Rain said...

Can we trade?! You can have my evil, half-arse’s everything, pathological liar, “poor me” attitude stepdaughter, and I’ll take your artistic and well behaved DD. Lol. Seriously, those pictures DD took are so artistic, you could make greeting cards out of them. I wish my stepdaughter would have some talent. She probably would if she put the effort into anything, but she’s so lazy! If the task takes more than five minutes to complete, she will give up on it or rush through it rather than take the time to do it right.

Brandy said...

DD's pictures were lovely! (Not to say yours weren't, but you can tell she's an artist by her photos.)

Huh, I wonder if paying my Daughter to clean her room would work with less angst? Right now I threaten to ground her from karate and magically bags of trash and donations flow out of her room. *g*

I, too, am a Black Leather Jacket. I think the only thing correct about it is the first 1/4.

Wishing you a sunny day!

Tori Lennox said...

Gorgeous pictures!!!

Dru said...

Great pictures. I see DD like close-ups.

My weekend was good. I finally finished the quilt I was working on.

re quiz: I'm black leather jacket as well and it's not really me.

Hope you had a good day.