Thursday, April 28, 2011

April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go. ~Christopher Morley, John Mistletoe

It was gorgeous here yesterday! And nice this morning. Thunderstorms expected later, but then the weekend should be STUPENDOUS. AND... I checked the long range forecast and they don't think it's going to freeze again!! I could tempt fate and put in some of my "soft" crops... I'm giving some serious thought to it. :::shivers with anticipation:::

I really love gardening. I love eating fresh veggies even more. There is NOTHING like the taste of a garden-ripe tomato warm from the summer garden. Mmmmm.....

I saw my first bat last night, too. It's amazing how loud they are with their chatter when they fly. The bugs are out (the male blackflies have appeared... yuck... meaning the females -- the ones who BITE -- will be out in a week or so) so I was pleased to see the bat. I'd like to put up bat houses in my back yard, but DH has a "thing" about bats.

The wildlife is active though. The deer have been back through, eating down all my tender spring plants. My bachelor buttons, asiatic lillies and tulips have been eaten down to the nubs. Part of this is my fault: I haven't put out the milorganite yet (that's on my list for tomorrow morning after the rains this afternoon). And the other morning, just as the sky was getting light and I had the dog outside, there was a wild turkey gobbling loudly out back. I have a love/hate relationship with our wildlife... I do love having them around, but wish they'd leave my plants alone.

How are you enjoying spring?


You Are Iced Coffee

You are witty, flirty, and fun. People love to be around you and your energy.

You need change in order to feel alive. You are very dynamic and interesting.

There's so much you want to try. There's so much you want to experience.

You are always expanding your mind in some cool way. You are open to and curious about the world.

About 65% right. :-)



Dru said...

You Are Iced Tea

You are connected to yourself and others. You find it easy to relax when you're with people.

You bring people together and often are the social glue in your group.

You roll with the punches. You try to keep things light and breezy.

You are unpretentious and very real. You can't help but be yourself.

This is 85% accurate.

The gray skies isn't appealing right now but this weekend should be great Spring day.

Have a good Thursday.

Sarita said...

I am really looking forward to gardening. We missed it last year. The habit is so firmly ingrained that it's definitely a part of life. I've planted carrots in a raised bed but I'm wondering if I'll have to replant. The rains have been torrential, and carrot seeds are so tiny!

I hope you enjoy getting outdoors. And I hope your husband is feeling better!

Brandy said...

I'm eager to begin our garden this year and know we are already a week behind. It's been hard with our schedule to get everything done. BUT, this weekend for sure on planting my plants.

YAY on your weather! I know you're happy to be able to start outdoors again.

I hope you have a fabulous day!

Tori Lennox said...

GIven spring brings so many tornadoes, I'm not really a big fan.