Sunday, December 31, 2006


“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses.” - Hippocrates

I am sick. I haven't been sick in a year, so I suppose I should be grateful, but I hate feeling under the weather. My eyes are watering, my nose is running, I'm coughing, sneezing... Geez, I sound like a NyQuil commercial.

Bet you wish you were here.

My deepest desire (aside from getting well immediately) is that my daughter doesn't catch this.

Since my brain is fuzzy, I'm offering up a few quizzes instead of coherant thought.

Your Vocabulary Score: A

Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!
You must be quite an erudite person.

My Yahoo Horoscope:

Today you'll attract many different people, including some flighty personalities.

Today, I'm laying on the couch and watching football. If different people come by, they'll have to deal with me snarfing and wearing jammies.

It's the perfect time to ask for a favor, score an invitation to a hot event or connect with that supposedly unattainable love interest. Not only will you meet with a warm reception, but you'll be invited back for more.

Huh... unattainable love interest? Yes, of course, because I am at my best (and my husband surely won't mind).

My Humorscope:

Beware of poltergeists, today.

This is always good advice.

And now... I'm off to the couch. Have a lovely New Years Eve, whatever you do. See you on the flip side.


Judy said...

Poor baby.... hope S. doesn't catch your bug and hope you are feeling better very soon. It's miserable to be ill. :-(

I know you'll have a Happy New Year when you feel better!

Allie Boniface said...

Aw...what a lousy way to spend New Year's Eve! Well, use that rest time to mull over your stories and get ready for the big push of revising and submitting in 2007!

Hope you feel better soon.

anno said...

There ought to be a law: Moms cannot get sick. My Rx: lots of hot, spicy broths, hot tea, rest, and re-runs of your favorite movies.

Hope you are feeling up to using that multifarious vocabulary very soon!

MaryF said...

Hope you feel better, Marianne!!!

Charity said...

Aw, hope you feel better soon. Read some good books and daydream.

Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* I hope you feel better soon. I'm not sure which is worse, a bad cold or the flu. Neither are fun, though. (Nothing like stating the obvious. *g*)