Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Glad It's Over

I'm still pooped. As my husband said last night: His family is getting bigger, and it's true in more ways than one. More babies are being born AND the other "babies" are growing up. We had them all at our house yesteray -- let me count. There were thirteen adults and seven children (it felt like more).

My daughter had a blast with all her cousins. The dog and cat were not so happy as they were locked up in the bedroom... many times, I wished I could join them!

In any case, it's over, I was in bed at eight o'clock (it would have been earlier, but there was much cleaning up to be done) and I slept in until about 4:45. But I'm still tired.

I got some interesting gifts yesterday, and some fun ones. My DH and I had an extended discussion about what a "spatula" was because I had asked for a new set of really good ones.

What do you think? Which of these items is a spatula?

Number One:

Or Number Two:

I'll clue you in. I wanted number two, and got number one; a really, really nice set of number one, so I can't complain. Poor hubby. He tried. He also got me a carpet shampooer -- a nice Hoover steamcleaner.

There was talk recently of all the stuff you "shouldn't" get your wife for Christmas, and home cleaning items topped the list - don't get her a vacuum. Overall, the top item you should get your wife was jewelry. I was horrified. All I could think was, "What would I do with a diamond necklace?"

Give me a good shampooer any time. Last year I got a Dyson DC07 animal vacuum. I LOVE it.

My mom got me a shiatsu massage cushion. Oh yeah.

My friend, Cathy, who has known me longer than anyone in the world except my family made me CDs off of her LPs of Rick Springfield's first albums. You know, the one no one really knows about. I own all of them on LP (yes, vinyl), but you can't buy them on CD. They are:


Comic Book Heroes - Possibly my favorite RS album.

Wait For Night

I can't find a copy of the album cover that I have... I bought the original re-release on LP back in the early eighties.

Beautiful Feelings

Guess what I'm listening to right now?

No laptop, but I'll survive. I have Rick Springfield.

Was Santa good to you?


MaryF said...

Sounds wonderful, but exhausting, Marianne! Thank God my brother hosted this year - 3 kids and....25 adults. And we still brought home so much food!

anno said...

It sounds like a lovely, lively Christmas! I'm with you on the household stuff -- I'd much rather have a vacuum than diamonds. Hope you get lots of time today to relax and listen to Rick.

Charity said...

Wait! They make animal vacuums? We so need one of those. We tried vacuuming the dog the other day. She sheds like nobody’s business.

You know, the “perfect” Christmas gift fits the person’s personality. One of Bob’s gifts to me was a 160 gig external hard drive. Dude, I can back up my writing a trillion times over. Well, sort of.

Sounds like you had a great (if hectic) day.

Charity said...

Oh, instead of a laptop or an Alphasmart, have you considered a MobilePro? You could probably get a 900 for less than an Alphasmart (and really, Alphasmarts are 1970s technology). You can transfer files using a flash card.

The great part is they’re small and light, but have a nice interface. You also don’t have to boot. You can turn them on and off at will, in the middle of writing something, and not have to worry about losing it.

If you want the specs, let me know. Some models (I think in between the 780 and the 900) are a little buggy. Bob has all the details. But something like this might be the answer to getting out of your mushroom pit.

Tori Lennox said...

Man, our company that's coming over tonight sounds exhausting to me and that's only five adults and three kids.