Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Woozy Wednesday

"Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life." - Lawrence Kasdan

My niece, whom I adore but who is a typical teen (okay, 19, but still), is staying with us for a few months.

I don't recall if I've mentioned before that I'm very much a loner. As in "leave me ALONE for a couple of hours every day -- if not more -- or I will absolutely lose my mind and not be responsible for my actions."

I got no writing done yesterday. My daughter was so excited about my niece being here, that she was up early (kinda like Christmas morning). And, between the two of them, I had someone on my tail all day.

Go down to the mushroom pit to check email? Five minutes, people. Didn't matter. Niece followed me down to chat. ACK! I know, I know... she's lonely. I get that. And she's sort of drifting right now -- This year of college over, finding an apartment and starting at a new school... and there's so much more that I could write a soap about it (for instance, why is she living here when her mother and step-father live only a few miles away? Well... remember the evil step-mother in Cinderella?)

Additionally, she and hubby are both night owls. Before that wasn't a problem. Hubby would stay up watching TV quietly. Now he stays up watching TV and talking to her. Loudly. And, oddly, she talks back. Just as loud. Did I mention that the TV room is directly below my bedroom? And that I'm a light sleeper?

Lack of sleep + oversleeping = no writing

So there you have it, folks. Life as I know it is over. For three months.

But, I should be able to gather info for a killer YA book. I just don't know when I'll have the time to write it.


Ceri said...

I know what you mean. I have no office, which means no door to close. My computer is in the dining room, which is more of a computer room (2 desktops and my laptop), so the kids are in here constantly. No peace and quiet. I only got a few pages of editing done.

YA? Very cool. I thought about some of the stories I wrote when I was a kid and wondered if there were any YA material there.

Good luck on getting something done today!

fvvkb-actually that sounds a little foul

Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* I would be having seven kinds of fits. Or killing somebody which is kind of impractical.

Ceri said...

Gads, its nearly 7pm and I haven't touched my writing. My daughter wants me to read with her and I have to bring my DH (and at the moment the D isn't standing for Dear) dinner. ARGH!!!!!!! I need to turn my closet into my writing room. hmmm... that might work.

pjloafxp-sounds like a new kind of medication.