Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Meet The Family

Charity very thoughtfully provided this link which has face recognition and matches your photo to the famous person who most resembles you. I ran it on my family...

Meet the family:

My husband (AKA Victor Mehta):

My Mother (AKA Rosa Parks):

ME (No, I didn't rig the thing so I looked better than everyone else, but -- boy! -- did I ever get the best end of this deal)!

And lastly, My daughter's first try (otherwise known as Chester Bennington):

And, because I wanted to at least get her matched with someone with double X chromosomes, I tried again using a picture of her without glasses.

And got Tom Welling.

Then -- AHA! -- I found the button to specify female and got this (Yes, Victoria Beckham - wasn't she a Spice Girl?):

I have to admit that, as a mom, I think I prefer that she looks like Chester Bennington.


Ceri said...

Okay 'splain this. 10 years ago I was Nicole Kidman. Now I'm Hermoine from Harry Potter LOL I was actually thinking I'd be Rosanne.

I'm having fun here. Just did a picture of my husband and me. Now I'm Shakira (not going to complain-if I can have her abs) and my husband is Adrien Brody. NO WAY! Charlie Sheen, maybe, Adrien nope. He's much cuter.

My kids are Jon Seda and Christina Ricci.

Okay. I really need to get ready for work. LOL

wbtfg-why bother teasing fairy godmother. (okay, I'm in a hurry

Tori Lennox said...

How funny! I was going to give it a whirl, but they don't have it set up for Safari yet. Oh well. I don't think I've got any family photos on here anyway...

Judy said...

I don't look like ANYBODY... that's a bit disheartening... or maybe it's just cause I'm unique. Yes, I like that answer much better!

MaryF said...

Blast - doesn't work for Safari!

Marianne Arkins said...

Okay, Tori & Mary .... what's Safari?

pkzbikqx - (HOLY SMOKES!) Please keep zipping bags in Keith's quiet Xanadu.