Monday, May 08, 2006

Short Stories

"The difference between reality and fiction? Fiction has to make sense." -- Tom Clancy

I try to write and submit (somewhere) at least two or three short stories every month. Sometimes they're really short -- so I send them to somewhere like Flashshot (100 words or less). I have two stories being published with them this month.

Sometimes they're a little longer, but still flash fiction so off they go to somewhere like A Flashers Dozen or Flash Me.

I still throw stuff at Womans World now and then, ever hopeful. I have one story with them right now and should hear back from them by the end of this month (or so). Fingers (and various other body parts) are crossed.

The thing I find, though, is that writing a short story -- a good short story -- is harder than writing a novel. To flesh out your characters and have a beginning, middle and end in so few words is tough. And, to be honest, I don't read very many short stories that I enjoy because the author hasn't done this.

Still, writing the shorts and sending them out gives me a sense of doing something constructive. Of taking baby steps to reach my goal of being "A WRITER". Of actually starting, editing, finishing and submitting something on a regular basis. My focus is the longer stuff, but I still enjoy the shorts.

What about you? Do you write short stories for submission now and then? Or is it all about the novel for you?


Ceri said...

I write short stories occasionally, but I agree that they're harder to do. I'm sure WW has received my latest and the longer they have it the more hope there is for it.

I'm goint to attempt to do one or two for another publisher, but word count is longer, so it may be better. It's definitely a challenge to do a good one.

Good luck with WW!

qaxcbfy-I can't do it.

Ceri said...

So did you get a long story idea or short story idea? Do tell.

I seem to get my good ideas when I'm walking. And I never carry a tape recorder. I'd feel silly doing that.

I didn't get much done today either.

Never been to Trader Joe's. I don't mind Nashua too much, though I'm not fond of Rte 3. My ex and his wife are in your area, I generally meet them in Milford. That I can handle.

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Hey, its late. :)