Tuesday, May 16, 2006

How We Are and What I'm Doing

The second storm that was supposed to hammer us last night mostly missed us and went out to sea! Yay!

All the dams are holding thus far, and only two homes have been lost to flooding (though many, many, have been damaged). Yay, again!

The far side of KMart in our town is clear and open, so we can actually get into town again (we had no mail yesterday because our post office was down that way, and couldn't be accessed). Yay, again, again!

I'm venturing out today -- didn't yesterday because town was still closed until the afternoon, but I'm sick of these walls, so I'm going somewhere.

Hubby stayed home yesterday and worked from here. Unfortunately, that meant that I couldn't do any work on the computer (I have my own, but he BLASTS music when he works and I can't concentrate) and upstairs my daughter was in desperate need of entertainment. So yesterday was written off as a writing day. I'm hoping to get some time in this morning. After I write this terribly important blog.

I'm excited, for the first time in a long time, to do some work on Camilla - maybe because it feels like new writing. I'm changing the beginning a little bit and I can't wait. I have it figured out in my head, I just need to see if it works on paper.

So, I'm gonna go now. And write.

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Charity said...

So glad things are drying out for you. How scary. Hope you get some nice warm sunshine for a change.