Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My Stories

Mary, over at the Bandwagon, wrote a blog about the stories she's written and it got me to thinking. What do I tend to write about?

Romance, certainly.

The first book I ever wrote was when I was ten-years-old. It was about a girl and her horse - a romance of sorts, I suppose, because when I was ten, all I really loved was horses.

Next book wasn't written until I was in high school -- then I wrote three (two were collaborations):

* A sci-fi novel about an assassin and a night club owner
* A mystery about two twin girls separated at birth (I submitted this one to a teen novel writing contest and was a finalist!)
* A mystery about several murders that are seemingly unrelated

I wrote nothing but short stories and poetry for many years after this, but about five years ago, I got serious again. What have I written?

* A romantic comedy about a hockey player / housekeeper and a business owner ala Sleepless In Seattle
* A romantic comedy about two people who become roommates under duress
* A romantic comedy about a woman who goes to great lengths to stalk her cheating fiancée

What's in the hopper?

* A straight romance about a young widow and the man who had always held her heart
* A historical romance (*gulp*) about two brothers and the woman they both come to love
* A romantic suspense about a woman who finds her mother murdered and the cop investigating the crime

Oddly, the stuff in the "hopper" is all stuff I normally wouldn't write. The historical may never get written, but I jotted down the general idea. My heart is really with comedy, and those "serious" ones may end up funny... who knows?

What have you written, what's in the hopper and why do you like writing that kind of stuff?


MaryF said...

I wish I could write comedy! Your stories sound great!

Ceri said...

Wow! I don't think I can even list all the books I've written (or attempted to write)

In my early teen years a friend and I wrote a mystery/romance about three sisters, the guys they were dating, the horse farm they worked on/owned. Someone was stealing horses and they had to find out who (ala Nancy Drew)

I wrote of a rich girl trying to get her career as a trainer and rider going without the infuence of her parents, the man from the wrong side of the tracks whom she is in love with.. oh, thats the one WCP is publishing.

Lets see... in college I went through my poetry phase, tho I did write about a college student who cuts herself off from everyone who cares for her after the death of her father... also a romance...

I still have tons in my TBD files. I think the only romantic comedy is one I wrote in first person, kind of a time travel sort of story where the heroine goes to bed as a 40-something year old with a dull life, where the only thing going for her is her job (her husband is dull) and wakes up back in her life as a 23 year old. She realizes that she gets a chance to do everything over again.

I wish I could write myseries and comedies, but I'm mostly straight romance. WORL is as suspenseful as I've gotten.

rhitkmv-romping horses increase the kites movement violently. No makes no sense.....

Tori Lennox said...

I want to hear more about the assassin and the night club owner! :)