Friday, May 19, 2006

A Little Help Here?

Find a need and fill it. ~ Ruth Stafford Peale

I"ve made a decision regarding one of my WIPs. My characters, previously unknown to one another prior to their "cute meet" in chapter one, will now have an earlier history together.

One of the things that now happens (behind the scenes backstory) is that my heroine's brother and the hero are in the service. And when they come home from boot camp for a short visit, she gives them both something. This "something" becomes a permanent memento for my hero, who doesn't see the heroine again for more than 15 years after that. But he always carries that thing.

Here's my quandry. What is it? I've been mulling it over since yesterday morning and I can't decide. It needs to be small, so he can carry it with him, but sturdy so it won't get wrecked over time and with abuse. I'd like it to be significant in some way, but when it was given to him, it was as though he was another brother, not a love interest.

Any suggestions? I'd love a little help.


Charity said...

Oh, I like this! I think it will help you make that quick(er) leap from friend to uh, something more, and you can use the familiarity to your advantage. But I’m drawing a blank about what Camilla can give Jed. I got all sorts of ideas for what he could give her. A spare dog tag, a set of airborne wings. Actually a Special Forces friend of mine gave me a set of his before my first jump. He cut them right off his uniform and I had them tucked in the pocket over my heart for all five jumps (uh, this was pre-Bob, obviously).

Ceri said...

Hmmm.... how about a charm, like a silver four leaf clover. Not anything romantic. Or something to remind him of home. Where are they from? Any tokens or souveneirs? (like if they were from NH something with the Old Man)

I really like this idea.

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