Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Who Are You?

I popped over to Jenny Crusie's blog to read the latest installment of the 12 Days of Mare and perused her brief charater list for Mare. And that's when it hit me...

My characters are boring and two dimensional. Okay, maybe I'm being a little hard on myself, and maybe I'm just really jealous cuz Jenny gets to go shopping and by cute things and write them off on her taxes, but still...

I tried to fill out the questionnaire for Liv that she used for Mare on her blog and couldn't answer all the questions. And that, my friends, is a HUGE problem IMHO.

I love her idea of making a collage, though I can't build shrines or really anything much three dimensional since my darling husband would burst a gasket at the clutter, but I could glue pictures and words onto a bit of poster board and stick it over my desk.

I have also decided to look for an artificial miniature rose plant with orange flowers as inspiration (the plant is the first gift Mike gives to Liv). It has to be artificial for two reasons: 1. I work in the mushroom pit... no natural light; and 2. I cannot keep miniature rose plants alive.

I'm off now to find pictures -- I need a ferret, a mastiff, a rose, a copy of "Dogs Playing Poker", character pix, maybe a wrench or other tool... could be fun.

It could also be me putting off editing some more. Sorry Darcy.

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