Monday, January 09, 2006

Humor of a Six Year Old

Apparently, when I was very young, someone told me I didn't have a sense of humor. My mother says that I promptly went out and found a book of jokes and memorized them. See... even back then, I knew you could find anything in a book -- even a sense of humor.

My daughter doesn't have this problem. She drew this for me last night:

She also doesn't suffer from a lack of creativity. She's determined to be a writer and shared this story with me:

Not too shabby for a six-year-old, huh?


Charity said...

Oh, the cartoon is so funny and charming and smart. I've been chuckling over it all morning.

MaryF said...

WOW. My 3rd graders don't write that much! And they don't know what ratty hair means!