Friday, January 20, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened...

Yesterday, some things happened that, in retrospect, were pretty odd and would be interesting to put in a story.

My neighbor, who is in a wheelchair -- and is a very grouchy guy -- has two dogs. Chow's. Antisocial Chow's who come into my yard constantly to do their business. Dogs who don't even care that they get zapped with their collars when they cross the invisible fence. Dogs who will not come when they are called, and who have caught on to the "let's go for a ride" trick when their owner is trying to catch them.

Yesterday, I'd had it. I looked out, and there was Tuko, the white Chow, lifting his leg on the stakes for my bird feeders. In my slippers, rag in hand (I was cleaning my windows), I flung open the door and starting chasing. I must have circled my house twice, running full boar, trying to get that *&^%$ dog out of my yard and stop peeing on my plants.

His owner was wheeling down the road calling him, and the dog was keeping a good ten to twenty foot space between him and us. My dog is going nuts inside, wanting to come out and play. Meanwhile, my neighbors other dog is looking on in amusement.

At that time, one of my Avon customers stops by to pick up her order. There I am, all made-up and glamourous (uh, Not) in my slippers, gasping for breath, holding a dirty rag. To top it off, this particular lady is afraid of dogs, and I have one loose in my yard.

And, as I stood there gasping, all I could think about was "how can I use this in a book?".

It's a little like the time my daughter -- as a toddler -- stuck her face in the dogs water dish to take a drink, and all I could think of was "where's my camera?" (um, I scrapbook in my spare time).

Incidentally, looking over this, it's not as funny in writing as it was in person. If I'm going to put it in a book, I might want to work on that.

So, what about you? When stuff happens to you, do you jot it down to use in some form later on?

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Anonymous said...

I should. Lots of strange things keep happening to me. That's a good idea.

Anyway, Marianne, I'm very sorry to post this in your comments section but I like your blog and think you may have a good chance of getting listed at our blog directory, "High Class Blogs."

Contact me at if you are interested.

Ethan Potter