Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Little News...

I had another very, very short, short story accepted at Flashshot. Honestly, I keep submitting short stories because it's a morale boost when they're accepted. Now, if only I could get Womans World to love me, I'd be all set. They did send back a comment on one of my stories that they loved my "breezy" way of writing, but my story was improbable. Clearly, the editor never worked in the restaurant biz.

I'm puttering along on Liv Leigh and thinking about trying to clean up the first 25 pages or so and enter it into a contest to see what people who don't know me think about it. There is no rat involved, so maybe I'll do better than two out of three... of course, there is a ferret, but he doesn't show up in the first chapter.

I'm still not ready to tackle a synopsis, although the first draft is done, so I know what happens from beginning to end. I started one, but I'm rambling (kind of like what I'm doing here, now). Not to mention the fact that I need to add a couple of important scenes, and I don't know where they'll go. So, guess I'm looking for a contest without a synopsis requirement.

I am going to have to get over my fear and aversion of the dreaded synopsis soon, though. I'm hoping to query Liv in the next few months. And those silly agents like to know what the story is about.

In other news, my husband stayed home from work yesterday because of the weather -- we went from sunny and 60 degrees to snowing heavily and 25. That's just wrong. Anyway, my whole week is going to be off a day now. I'm already trying to remember that it's Tuesday, not Monday. This could be a mess.

Okay, I'm babbling, I'm tired and I need to shut up now. How was your weekend?

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Charity said...

Hooray! Congrats on the sale. I read the story over at WVU and loved it. Very sweet.