Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Miscellaneous Thoughts for a Topsy Turvy Tuesday

Random thoughts are dancing through my head this morning. I've tried to relegate my randomness to Fridays, but since I haven't a clue what day it is anymore, what with all the funky holidays and having my husband around constantly... I think I'm on a weekday today, but cannot be certain!

I TiVo'd a FitTV workout by Gilead the other day. My DD and I put it on yesterday and exercised. I made it through about 10 minutes before pooping out. Many folks seem to think I'm in good shape because I'm not obese. Ha, ha! Fooled you! That's going to change, though. I've sat on my rear long enough. Take that cellulite!

I puttered through some of the groups at WVU this morning. It's been quiet there because of the holidays so there wasn't much going on. I did, however, stumble upon a hateful (and in my opinion) unwarranted attack on a WVU member that I respect. He's been posted op-ed pieces in a group that was all but dead after asking if that was okay and receiving no word otherwise. I more often than not disagree with his opinions, but they are well written and politely submitted.

Recently he was lambasted by a person who is consistently hateful and rude. This person joined the group (only for a short time, thankfully) that I moderate, and has since floated from place to place, unable to find a permanent home. And no wonder. However, I am on the fence about something. It's really not my place to respond to his attack, but I want to tell him that I think he was out of place. I'm just not certain if my skin is thick enough to take the hateful response I'm sure to receive in return. And really, would it serve any purpose? I laid awake last night thinking about what kind of person this member must be, how sad and angry he is inside. I still haven't come to a conclusion...

Yesterday, I packed up three big boxes of toiletries and snacks to send to "my soldier" in Iraq. I had hoped to include dozens of letters and cards from people to the soldiers in the hosital near where he is stationed. I sent out the call ... and got lots of "that's a great idea" and "As soon as I have time". You know what I didn't get? Letters. Cards. I'm so sad that my friends have time to go spend hours at a local book sale (and, trust me, I understand the allure) or watch six different reality shows on TV but can't take five minutes to write a note to our servicemen and women overseas.

I'm having eye problems. I have been for a while, but it's getting worse. I can't see to read anymore unless I close one eye -- they aren't focusing together. I've always had "better than perfect vision" (which I still don't understand, but the eye doctor seems to think it makes sense... better than perfect sense, I suppose). I'm fighting against getting glasses, but I'm clearly losing the battle. I'm calling for an eye appointment this morning. I really hate getting old -- this is how I'll celebrate my upcoming 39th birthday. Oh. Joy.

I am grateful for the weather here -- it's been quite mild for winter in New England, warm (well, in the high 30's) and rain instead of snow. For the first time, I'm glad I'm not living in California since I would be underwater right about now. Still, I do miss the friends and family I could have shared my raft with.

Lastly, can I count the words I've written on this blog toward my daily goal?

Hope all of you have a wonderful day. I'm off to plan DD's school day.

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Charity said...

Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your eye trouble. That’s got to be so frustrating.

And I know exactly who you’re talking about. I had to deal with him in the facilitated version of the mystery class, twice, I think. Every time I’ve tried to be civil with him, he’s lashed out at me and facilitators in general. The sad thing is he’s smart, he’s not a bad writer, but he also displays the personality of a schoolyard bully. It’s frustrating because if the powers that be do anything, he cries censorship.

And I've had days when writing the 250 is my blog.