Thursday, December 01, 2005

Now What?

So NaNoWriMo is over.

Now what?

I was so focused this last month. I got up early in the morning with a purpose, a clear vision of what I needed to accomplish each day. I sat down at the computer and wrote. And then it was over...

Now, I get up in the morning and feel a little lost. What do I do? I miss the adrenaline rush of writing 3,000 words in one morning. I miss the clear goal that I focused on each day.

Now what?

Any other NaNo participants feeling the same way, or am I just really weird?

In any case, I do have to move forward. I've chosen to edit my first draft of Liv Leigh (my NaNo novel) because it still feels fresh to me and I can remember clearly the things that it lacked. I remember writing and thinking "Oh man, I just used that word there and there and there ... but that's okay, I'll edit it later." or "I really need to establish her motivation better, and that character I just introduced isn't very clear ... but that's okay, I'll fix it later." I made notes to myself in bright colors throughout the manuscript of things that needed fixing but I didn't want to take the time to work through them.

When I'm finished editing, the ms for Liv should be closer to 60,000 words than 50,000. So, I'm starting a new word count for my editing of the novel. I imagine this will go a bit slower or I'll end up making my critique group's heads spin.

As an aside, and completely off topic:

Yesterday I went to Dunkin' Donuts to buy some coffee for a friend, and the guy who rang me up had incredibly long fingernails. Is it just me, or does this really weird you out? They were clean and neat and perfectly filed and rounded -- just longer than mine - which isn't saying much, to be honest. I don't keep my nails very long. Still, it gave me the willey's...

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Charity said...


Thanks so much for your kinds words on my blog. I’ve been wanting to say congrats on both NaNo and the story publication. I signed up for a subscription to Wax, but haven’t been able to log in yet. I’m curious to see how you changed the end of the story.

Thanks again for your note.