Saturday, December 10, 2005

Goals... and How They Change

I was watching "The Wiggles" this morning during the big hit "Fruit Salad", and thought about the fact that they all -- particularly Greg -- have very good voices. This got me to wondering if they, any of them, ever dreamed they'd become famous for doing a kiddie show.

Teenaged Greg: "Anthony, forget rock and roll. Let's spend our time grinning, dancing with pom-poms and singing children's ditties."

Teenaged Anthony: "Great idea, Greg! I have two friends who have always dreamed of doing just that!"

Of course, then my brain segued into something pertaining to... well, ME. What are my dreams and how might they be altered slightly and still have me feeling as though I attained them.

I'm sure The Wiggles wanted to be successful singers. And they are!

I want to be a successful novelist. And I will be! But... I wonder what form that will take. I want to write romance and I want my books to be published by a print publisher (not e-books).

I can't wait to see how it all works out.

How about you? Ever have a dream that didn't quite work out the way you expected, but you were happy with the result anyhow?


Maryellen said...

I always pictured children in my life. Then I found out, not going to happen for me, my body had other ideas. So I nannied through college to get my baby fix. When I got married, my husband had a teenage boy. That step-son, now an adult, gave me a grandson!

So long story short, I became a grandmother with all the perks of a child in my life for the rest of my life…dreams change, and can end up better than you originally planned.

Quirky novels could land you fast on the NYT Best Seller list. You just have to find the right agent and never ever take NO for an answer.


Marianne Arkins said...


That's exactly what I'm talking about! It worked out... sort of. You had a son... of your heart, if not of your body.

Thanks for the response and the encouragement.