Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Comments.... grrr....

So, I open up my email this morning and have comments on this blog in the double digits. DOUBLE DIGITS. Since last night. Whazzzup with that?

Turns out that someone thought I was looking mighty fine in the picture I posted -- of me hugging the dog. Honestly, people, you could barely see me in the blasted picture.

However, it prompted a litany of lewd comments which have since been trash-canned forever.

It has also prompted me to delete the photo and to resolve to never, ever post one again.

At least until I have to have one for the back of a book.

I may also stop posting pix of my daughter - and, in fact, may delete the ones that are there. One stupid, idiotic slimeball has ruined all my fun.

Why are people such clueless creeps?

Dude... "iloveu"... don't bother coming back to look here. You're truly pathetic.

Get a life.


Charity said...

What the . . . I'm so sorry this jerk made a mess of things. It's why I like the backwater, total uncoolness of D-land. I've gotten spam comments, but never something like this. I don't know blogger well enough. Can you ban this guy's IP address? Or you could restrict access to blogger accounts only. A pain, but not a big deal for the rest of us.

Marianne Arkins said...

I did check to see where my visits were this morning... he (I'm assuming it's a "he") signed in from India. And he opened a Blogger account to post here, so that won't work either. I think I may hop over to Diaryland and start a test blog to see if I like how it works.

Ticks me off, though. I'm just finally figuring out all the stuff for blogger.