Thursday, December 29, 2005

'tis the Season for Goals

I've been thinking about goals -- who hasn't? Even if you're determined to not set goals for yourself, the idea is still out there, everywhere you look.

I've spent much time trying to set ambitious yet achievable goals in both my professional (writer) life and personal (mom/wife) life. It's a tough balance, and I'm still not certain I've found it.

Still... here's what I've got (I have, in the interest of privacy - I'm still a little shell shocked from yesterday - omitted a few):

2006 Writing Goals

1. Submit one short story every other month to Womans World Magazine.
2. Submit one short story every month to other short story publishers.
3. Finish and query one or more novels (All WIPS are within the realm of possibility).
4. Enter RWA contests - one every other a month
5. Get a laptop or Alphasmart so I can get myself out of the mushroom pit occasionally.
6. Hone the craft. Take a class every 2-3 months, either WVU or elsewhere.
7. Write at least 250 new words every day (thanks, C - swiped this from you!)

2006 Personal Goals

1. Do weekly meal planning - fixing dinner is my biggest stressor.
2. Make a specific budget and stick to it!
3. Find more fun ways to homeschool DD & select curriculum for next school year.
4. Exercise at least three times a week.
5. Keep the house better - it's the small things that add up.


amazonmom said...

Hey Maria. I don't know if you are looking for a cheap but good laptop but I bought mine on ebay from 4greatlaptops--they sell refurbs. In fact, my sister and mother in law bought theirs there too. Decide what you want to spend and do not bid over that. They sell TONS of them so if the bid goes too high drop out and bid on the next one.

Also, Cindi is thinking of attending the SF Writers confence in Feb. Jennifer Crusie will be there.
Happy New Years!


Marianne Arkins said...

Hey Jan,

I'm toying with the idea of attending the New England RWA conference in April -- it's in MA (much closer than and Jenny Crusie will be there, too.

Thanks for the info on the laptops. Hope you're doing well!

MaryF said...

Good luck, Marianne!