Friday, December 16, 2005

Misc. Friday Thoughts

Why do I bother to kill myself scrapbooking when no one seems interested in looking at them? It takes me, on average, about an hour to complete ONE two page spread and each book is thirty pages, encompassing about 10 months. Is it worth the time, money and elbow grease?

Why can't I seem to write a full length novel that I like? Or, if I like it (mostly), why doesn't anyone else?

Why do my in-laws get vitriolic about receiving gifts at Christmas? Last year, my FIL for all intents, threw the sweatshirt (that, ironically, declared that he was "The World's Greatest Grandpa") back in my then 5 y.o. daughters face. Isn't there supposed to be joy in giving? And to give, doesn't there need to be a recipient?

Why am I living in the Northeast when I hate cold weather? Just check out the weather pixie! It's freezing here! I miss good old California. I seldom see my husband anyhow, I could move out west and visit every couple months.

Why don't dogs have longer life spans?

What does it take to have a story accepted by Womans World?

Why, when I decide to use the word of the day for inspiration do I get words like redivivus?

Why do all the writing friends I have near here suddenly stop communicating with me when I suggest meeting up? Do I smell? I'm a pretty okay person. Really.

Why is my driveway full of slush? Either rain or snow. Not both. Do you know how heavy slush is to scoop???? Not to mention what it's doing to my bird feeders.

And, lastly, why aren't my random thoughts as entertaining as Jenny Crusie's?


Charity said...


Can I send a big hug your way? You know, I sometimes forget to read Jenny’s blog, but I always read yours. The thing about your daughter and the present broke my heart. It didn’t help that the last thing my kids gave my dad was a World’s Best Grandpa T-shirt.

I really think you’re onto something with Liv. I do. I think you know my theory of time and distance making the best editor. You might still be too close to Liv right now. Have you tried writing the synopsis? It can help you see the bigger picture of the story and you’ll need one eventually. I like to take multiple running starts with mine, because it takes me a long time to get to “doesn’t suck.”

Keep the faith.


Marianne Arkins said...


Thanks -- hugs are always welcome. I apprecite them from you since you probably need them more than I do!

I have worked a bit on the synopsis for Liv but I keep getting bogged down in the details. At this rate, it's going to be almost as long as the book!

I really hate writing a synopsis. I wonder, does it get easier after the first ten? The first twenty?

The saddest thing about my FIL is that he is the only "grampy" my daughter has. My dad died fifteen years ago. He would have made a good grandpa. Makes me sad.


Judy said...

I would send you some warm south Georgia weather your way, but right now it's cloudy. Sending it your way, anyway... gotta be better than the slush.

Liv is going to be great. I know that. Wish we were closer so we could get together for coffee and talk it out.

Hugs and cheery thoughts. BTW, yours is the ONLY blog I read every day. And, don't worry about always being entertaining and humorous. I think sometimes the blogs are also to let out the frustrations of life and that's an important thing.

MaryF said...

Marianne, I can't believe your FIL was so rude about his gift. He needs a lump of coal.

I think scrapbooking - or for me, crochet - is a good break from writing. We need some instant gratification in our lives! (okay, not instant, but less than months and months!)

Marianne Arkins said...


It was actually sort of nice weather today... so what you sent must've gotten here. We had a heat wave -- it was 39 degrees! LOL. It did, however, melt my driveway, so that's a good thing.


You're right about having an alternative creative outlet. And I do get a lot of satisfaction from completing the albums. Plus, my daughter loves to look at them (especially her baby album - we're all ego at six y.o.)

Don't you wish we could choose our in-laws? Although, I suppose my husband probably feels the same way.