Monday, December 12, 2005

A Little Good News and a Rant

About a million years ago, Anne Murray had a song out called "A Little Good News" that I loved... all about reporting the good stuff that happens in the world (and it does happen, people).

Today, I discovered a website that tackles this challenge: Happy Real News. Compelling Stories. Always Positive.

It's about time.

In other news (this is a rant... so if you don't want to hear it, stop reading now):

My last soldier serving in the Middle East that I supported via Adopt-A-Platoon is going home! Yay! I applied for another one, and this guy is serving in Iraq outside of Baghdad.

When I asked for a wish list from him of stuff he wanted or needed, his reply was "nothing for me", but he visits the hospital every weekend, and asked for small care packages for the injured men and women there.

What do they need? Oh... nothing important. Underwear and socks (laundry facilities are hit or miss, so sometimes they run out). Toothbrushes. Deodorant. Eye drops. Lotion. Lip balm.

His biggest request was for those facemasks you wear when you're sanding something -- he says the sandstorms there are atrocious (though he didn't use that word... I'm taking a few artistic liberties here).

All I can think is this: We can send billions of dollars overseas for "relief" to other countries, but we (as a country) can't send a sufficient supply of underwear to our troops. I wonder what this says about us?

The other thing he said to send are letters of support. Letters. I've appealed to my friends and neighbors to write "any soldier" letters to include with the packages I'm sending, and the response has been dismal. It's not like I was asking for money...

I read in the newspaper that the average family spends upwards of $7,000 on Christmas shopping. WHAT?!? Priorities, people. Good grief. People are starving. Do you really need that flat screen plasma TV or the 2-carat diamond earrings?

Makes me sad.

Okay, I'm done.

Incidentally, I did do some writing this weekend. More revisions on Liv Leigh. Still struggling with where and how to start the blasted novel, but I'm really pretty happy with the middle. I need to add one more scene on the end, and then I'll shoot it off to a writing friend who has graciously offered to give it a look and tell me if it's okay or really rotten.

Thanks, D.

I owe you big time.


Judy said...

As a Marine mom, I just want to say thank you for supporting the troops. It's so important that the guys and gals know they ARE supported and thought of. Thanks again!

darcy said...

You owe me? Hahaha, that's funny. You didn't even suspect I might have offered just so I can get my hands on it first?

On a more serious note, I would love to writea letter to a soldier. The trouble is, I don't know how. I've wrote to Todd,the kid who used to babysit my kids, when he was in Afghanistan and again when he was in Iraq but that was different. We have a shared history. I can talk about what's going on in town and stuff.

What do I say to a soldier who I don't know,and who's fighting a war I don't support? Let's keep this straight -- I DO support our soldiers. I think they are very brave and I am awed that they would volunteer to serve my country. I think we got hoodwinked into this war though and I would hate for my cynicism to come through in my letter and possibly demoralize the recipient.

Honestly, if you would proofread me for negativity first, I'd write a soldier. I'd love to.


darcy said...

duh, I wrote/ I've written. I hate it when those things sneak past me.

MaryF said...


Clearly, we're not average.