Thursday, November 10, 2005

Will I or Won't I?

Make it to 20,000 words today, that is. I'm on NaNo Day 10 and have a personal goal of at least 2000 words per day (I'd really prefer 2400 per day, but the math is too complicated).

I'm at 19,043 words at this moment and I'm stuck. Maybe you can help...

Liv is on her way to a charity auction. Her fiance, Geoff, has agreed to attend with her and her father, even though he's ended the engagement in order to be with "the floozy", Daisy. He's also agreed to leave Daisy at home this night -- because Liv:

1. Hasn't told her father that the engagement is over yet; and
2. Is hoping to change Geoff's mind.

My conundrum: Should Daisy crash the gates of the private club and make a scene? Or should all go normally, except that Liv -- having been recently exposed to how the other side lives, via Mike, spend the evening making conversation that's just not quite right and annoy the crap out of the society set? Since Geoff is interested in one of the "other side", I'm wondering if this might make him feel attracted to Liv again... at the time when Liv is beginning to feel something for Mike...

The strangest thing about this novel thus far is that I can't seem to write in my hero's POV. Normally, I'm more comfortable in it (I have to struggle to write in Camilla's POV in my other novel, I much prefer Jed's), but out of the 19,043 words only 1495 of them are Mike's.



Ceri said...

YOU WILL!!!! Most definitely. You're so close to 20K you'll have no problem getting there.

I'm struggling too.

Have a good day!


darcy said...

So, what'd you decide?