Thursday, November 03, 2005

I Need a Profiler

I just sat down and watched my favorite show of this season: Criminal Minds.

Aside from the fact that I love Mandy Patinkin (though am having a hard time forgetting him as Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride) and am beginning to fall madly in love with geeky Matthew Gray Gubler who plays Dr. Spencer Reid on the show, I'm absolutely fascinated by watching the gang dig into people's psyche's. If you haven't watched it, I recommend it.

I also love Super Nanny...but am horrified that people let their children behave the way they do. I was especially shocked by the British couple from a few weeks back whose 9-year-old daughter hit them, bit them, screamed and yelled profanities and pretty much wore the pants in the family. Holy cow. All I could think was - They need to duct tape that girls mouth. Okay, don't call social services, really... I've never duct taped my daughter's mouth shut (though the fantasy does live on those days when she is never, ever quiet -- besides, isn't duct tape the answer to every problem?). <------ Did I do that punctuation correctly? I've never been able to figure out where to put your periods when there are parentheses involved. Anyone? Anyone?

Sheesh, I got way off track ... back to the 9-year-old terror. Jo came and crawled inside that girls mind and figured her all out.

Super Nanny is a psychological thriller of a different sort. Come to think of it, Psychology was the only class I really enjoyed during my brief foray at college.

Does make me wonder why I write romantic comedy.

I need a profiler.


Charity said...

Your word count is outstanding so far! I got my 250 and a reasonably plump file on my MobilePro, but I know I don't have +6,000 words. Good for you!

Judy said...

Your friendly, neighborhood copyeditor here, courtesy of Strunk and White:

"A sentence containing an expression in parentheses is punctuated outside the marks of parenthesis exactly as if the parenthetical expression were absent. The expression within the marks is punctuated as if it stood by itself, except that the final stop is omitted unless it is a question mark or an exclamation point. EX: I went to his house yesterday (my third attempt to see him), but he had left town. He declares (and why should we doubt his good faith?) that he is now certain of success. (When a wholly detached expression or sentence is parenthesized, the final stop comes before the last mark of parenthesis.)

Any questions? :-)