Sunday, November 20, 2005

Christmas Wrapping 1, Writing 0

So (don't hate me when I say this, please), I spent the day yesterday wrapping my Christmas presents. Yes -- my shopping is done. Has been for months. Sorry. Well, I'm not really, but I have a valid excuse for my nerosis: My family is spread out all over the country, from coast to coast and in between, so I like to get the packages all mailed early to save on shipping.

My daughter loves to wrap presents and "helped" A LOT, so by the time the day was over I was utterly frazzled and out of steam. I was actually in bed, asleep, by eight o'clock. And, of course, up at 4 a.m. Just one morning I'd like to sleep in.

Anyway...between wrapping and going to the library (hey... I didn't have anything to read, and I can't function that way), I had no time left for writing. After I get this entry done, I'm going to work a bit on playing catch up.

And those are the days of my life.

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darcy said...

Sorry, as one who usually finishes wrapping on Xmas Eve (and probably purchased the final gift only hours before) I am required by law to hate you.

Sheesh. Really? Done already? So what are the cool gifts this year? I'm shopping with the hoards next Saturday and could use the advance prep.