Monday, November 21, 2005

I Think I'm Part Chicken....

I worry about the future constantly.

I stumbled across this article on The Discovery Channel website about chickens. They have discovered that chickens can anticipate the future and worry about it. This breaks my heart a little -- when you think about all those chickies crammed in the warehouse worrying about whether they're "next".

First scientists discover that we're genetically closer to mice DNA than monkey's (giving the phrase "Are you a man or a mouse" a whole new meaning). Now studies indicate that "neuron organization in chicken brains is highly structured and suggests that, like humans, chickens evolved an impressive level of intelligence to help improve their survival."

I've been thinking deep thoughts about the ramifications of this, but am opting not to share them as I'm simply not up to politicizing things on this blog.

But, it should make you think deep thoughts, too.

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