Monday, November 07, 2005

Phew... Made It.

I got up this morning and hit the keyboard... made it up to just over 14,000 words. Phew! Of course, today's goal is to hit 15,000 but I'm practically there! I was thinking last night that a real first draft for me would be along the lines of 70,000 words NOT 50,000 and I calculated how many words per day I'd need to meet that goal by the end of November (as if 50,000 wasn't hard enough). It's roughly 2300 words daily. I'm averaging just about that right now. Hmmm.... wonder if I can make it.

In other news, my story title and name are up on Wax Romantic. If you haven't already, you should sign up for your free subscription and get a copy of this month's issue so you can read my fantabulous short story... I'm pretty proud of it.

More later. I need another cup of coffee.


Ceri said...

I love being able to get up early in the morning and get lots of writing done. I got nearly 1000 words down so far this morning before I had to stop to get ready for work and the kids ready for school.

2300 words a day isn't too bad, I'm sure you can do it with no problem. a 70k manuscript is much better than 50k. You go for it!

Have a productive day!

Charity said...

Wow! Just checked your word count. You're on fire. Keep it up!