Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Warning: Ramblings Of Sleep Deprived Woman Ahead

So... I woke up at 2:30 this morning. Had to pee (comment from family: "You always have to pee!" to which I would reply, head hanging, "Yeah. I know.") I am going to be the poster child for Depends when I get older -- but that's probably more than you need to know.

Anyway, after I visited the potty and was getting ready to crawl back into bed, I heard a tremulous voice from outside my room, "All done, Mommy." Ah, the dear daughter. She's been potty trained since she was two, but still can't put herself back to bed in the middle of the night when she visits the water closet.


So I traipse into the other bathroom, pick up Filo (her stuffed cat) and walk her back into her room, tuck her in ("Huganakiss?") and stumble back into my room. Slither under the covers, adjust feet around cat sleeping at the bottom of my side of the bed, accidentally whack hubby who promptly rolls over with a snort and then I lay there.

Wide awake.

Brain's just-a thinking. Plotting. Contemplating. It Won't. Shut. Up.

I'm not getting up. Huh-uh. I roll over, away from the clock. Close my eyes. I will fall back asleep.

As if.

I gave up at 4:02 a.m., kicked the cat to wake her up - after all, why should I suffer alone? She woke up purring, though, in anticipation of her Pounce treat. Like she's upset? She can sleep all day if she wants. In my next life I want to come back as my cat.

To-Do List:

1. Sleep
2. Eat
3. Sleep
4. Lay in sun
5. Chase moth around the living room, eat it
6. Annoy dog
7. Sleep
8. Eat
9. Climb up into bed
10. Sleep

She's got it made.

The good thing about getting up early was that I managed to get nearly caught up on my WVU message boards, got to putter around on all the other blogs I read, chuckled at Jenny Crusie, and had coffee.

Didn't do any writing. Did do some plotting.

I decided, after reading "No Plot? No Problem" by Chris Baty, that I'm doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this year. I work well under pressure.

I even know what I'm going to write about. I kicked a character out of Camilla: Liv, Jed's psycho ex-fiancee. But I liked her. So, I decided that she deserves her own novel. I have a plot, I have a set of characters. I even have some scene ideas. I'm ready for November to begin. Hey - only 2000 words a day. It'll be a breeze, right? I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I suppose I should do at least a little work on my existing WIP.

Wonder if I'll crash and burn at lunchtime? I'm really, really, grouchy when I don't get enough sleep. I need to keep that in mind while I'm homeschooling DD this morning.

Hey... I just read back over this, and it's pretty coherent. I'm impressed. Maybe I should not sleep well more often!

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Charity said...

I hope there’s nothing more wrong with your eyes than maybe needing some reading glasses (you know, the kind you can pick up on the rack at Target). Hang in there today. I was up, too, only it was my daughter. She has a fever, so I’m home today, hoping to add to word count but thinking a nap might be nice if she decides to take one.