Tuesday, September 13, 2005

2005 Goals

I was just reviewing the goals I set for this year and had a minor panic attack.

Did you know it's September already? Where did the time go? Anyway, here's what I planned to do this year:

1. Work on Playing House and Camilla’s Critters to ready then for submission.
Playing House hasn't been touched much at all this year -- the focus has been on completing the first draft of Camilla. I'm about 2/3 done with Camilla and still think I can finish my first draft this year.
2. Write one short story each month.
I managed to keep up with this admirably until this past two months. I'm starting again, though to try to meet the next goal.
3. Have short stories and flash fiction in continual submission.
I have two items out right now, but did have a 2 or 3 month lull over the summer. Shame on me. I was quite determined to get something published this year, and considering the 2-3 month turnaround time for most publishers, I'm cutting things a little close.
4. Participate fully in my study groups at WVU.
I’ve actually managed to this pretty well. I am very active in two (one of which - the Romance Writing group - I moderate), and pop in now and then to a third.
5. Write 2500 new words each week.
Used to be a breeze to meet this goal every week -- but the last few have lagged behind.

Still, I plan on having something - whether it's Camilla or PH - ready to query by the first of the year. I will probably try to get an agent first, but if that doesn't pan out after a few months, will submit directly to some of the houses.

Man, my stomach flutters just thinking about it.

What about you? Anyone looking back on their goals for the year? How'd you do?

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