Thursday, September 29, 2005

Comments... grrr...

So yesterday, I got my comments spammed - really, I don't believe you when you say I can sit on my keister at home and do nothing and make billions of dollars. At the very least, I would have to become some bottom feeding spammer who annoys everyone on the planet.

I have my standards.

So, it a fit of pique, I disabled my comments. Then decided that wouldn't be any fun and thought I'd reenabled them. Guess not, since my last post doesn't allow comments.

I think I have the problem fixed now, so if you want to comment on my Serenity post, you can do it here... and, please, don't leave me stuff about working from home (I already do), enlarging my penis (Uh, don't have one) or any other BS. Kay? I am so not interested.



Charity said...

So, do we need to rent Firefly to figure this whole thing out? It looks intriguing, at least.

MaryF said...

Apparently, you don't have to see Firefly first.

I will admit, I was not a Firefly fan when it first came out. I was a Buffy fan, an Angel fan, a Joss fan, but a space story with a western feel just didn't do it for me. But what Joss is wonderful with is characters. And dialogue.

Shepherd is this amazingly mysterious character who is a preacher but alludes to having been out of the world for a while, and knows an awful lot about weapons. I'm hoping the movie will enlighten us about him a bit.

Jayne is hilarious - he's the one in the previews that says he doesn't wanna explode. Also has the line, "Let's be bad guys."

Mal is the captain and very jaded but heroic. Honor among thieves and all that.

Marianne Arkins said...

Okay, I love Sci-Fi and hubby is a western fan... wonder if this is something we could watch together?

I may try to rent Firefly and see what's what. I hate coming into something in the middle, even when each part could, in theory, stand alone. There are layers that you'd miss, not knowing all the other stuff that comes before.

Shepherd is mysterious, hmmm? I can be mysterious. I like that much better!

Thanks for stopping by, Mary!