Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It Simply Isn't Fair

I'm editing through Camilla. A major plot change and the decision to eliminate a character has forced me to go back to the beginning and clean some things up before I can progress to the end.

What's frustrating me to no end is this: I've lost almost 1,000 words.

I fight for every blasted word I write and count it victory when I pass certain goals. I was right on the edge of 40,000 words... just needed a nudge to push me over.


I'm at 38,477.

And every scene I edit loses more words. Just watch the meter over the next few days and see it shrink. Shouldn't it be going to other way?

My mom has recently been dieting and exercising, and has lost 13 pounds so far (YAY for Mom!). It was falling off at just over 2 pounds a week, but is now slowing down. She commented that she wouldn't complain if she only lost a pound each week, but she'd prefer to keep losing two.

I said, at least she was headed in the right direction.

Unlike my writing.

I'm spending hours going through and taking out any reference to Jed's new job in North Carolina and to his ex-fiancee who no longer exists. But there's new stuff going in, too. Apparently, though, the old far outnumbers the new. And down, down, down goes the word count.

This is simply not fair.


Back to work.

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